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    The natural salt has been matured after millions yeas under high pressure without beeing exposed to environmental pollution. In many cultures, crystalline salts is considered as gemstone and on earlier times the salt with high purity is mentioned as "King's salt". Greeks, Romans and many other ancient cultures used rock salt as an important form of currency. The clean rock Himalayan salt, "white gold" or "King's salt" as it named, is consisted of crystals with immeasurable value 250.000.000 ages by primal DNA. It is 100% pure, from raw rock salt and does not contain artificial additionals. In fact, it may be considered as olistic, nutritious, unconverted, natural salt which solidified into the land during millions years. It contains also necessary mineral salts like as sodium, calcium and magnesium and another trace elements, which be absorbed easily and are promptly available to human organism.

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