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    Red hot pepper or cayenne pepper is known as chili which is spicy pepper mashed in powder. The origin of hot pepper is from Central and South America. The spicy pepper is also effective in almost all over the world. There are too many chili varieties and the basic component is vitamin C. Red hot pepper is a member of the family of vegetables, which are more commonly known as chili peppers. Its benefits are many from killing cancer cells as well as to stop the heart diseases immediately. The cayenne pepper can even reduce the pain and is used as a local anesthetic for healing wounded tissues in the stomach as well as in the control of bleeding. It has the ability to reconstruct the stomach tissues and enhances the transfer of blood in the tissue faster, improving the digestion of food. The spicy taste of red pepper existes due to the capsaicin. The strong taste gives spicy character on various dishes around the world. The Latin American cuisine is famous for its spicy dishes! Based on the above, experts suggest us to use red chilli pepper in as much food as we can!

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