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    Glutamic mononatrium is a taste fortifier, which is used with success to intense the best taste of food. The amplification of taste success on intense of the special natural taste of food. Many researchers also believe that this specified aminoacid offers one fifth taste, independant from the other four basic: the taste of sour,of sweet,of salty and the taste of bitter. The fifth taste that glutamic gives is called and is for the tomatoes, the cheese and the meat like as it is the sweetness for the sugar, the sourness for the lemons, the saltness of anchovies and the bitterness for the cofee.On the beginning of century, glutamic has been producted especially from seaweed and from other natural sources and has been used like the spices or other extracts. Nowadays, it is producted from the amyl,the sugar of corn or the molasses of sugarcane and sugar beet. Glutamic is producted by a fermentation process like the process which is used for the production of goods like beer, vinegar and yoghurt.

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