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    The turmeric is a herbaceous, perennial plant of the same family of ginger. It is used extensively as an ingredient in the production of the mixture "curry" which defines the Indian dishes. The root of the plant (the whole or sliced) is a useful part. The name turmeric comes from the Arabic word "kurkum", which means "saffron" and refers to the characteristic yellow color of the rhizome. The youngest name turmeric comes from the "terra merita", which in Medieval Latin meant meritorious earth which also refers to the color of the ground rhizome and looks like a mineral pigment.The rhizomes of turmeric are boiled, then are baked in ovens and are milled and so we collect the famous yellow powder. The grinded turmerric is used in the kitchens of South Asia and the Middle East, as an ingredient in curry blends and as a pigment either on various preparations either on fabrics. It is well- known that turmeric is one of the key components of mustard. As a food additive, turmeric is used because it provides on the food protection from sun radiation.

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