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    Mastic called the natural fragnant resin which is extracted from the mastic tree. The mastic plant is a leafy evergreen shrub which belongs to the family of turpentine. It can reach the height of three measures. It has spreading branches and light or dark gray bole depending on its age. The surface of the bole has irregular plates like wrinkles,such as the pine has. It grows throughout the Mediterranean from the Iberian peninsula and France to Turkey and Israel. On the island of Chios, a special variety is cultivated from which natural resin or mastic is exported, the greatest product of the island, which supports local economy. Mastic has many uses. The most known of them is as gum or flavour in confectionery, while known is the mastic liqueur. The mastic oil is also used in furniture, in manufacturing of musical instruments, in medicine, orthodontics, etc. In Cyprus, the seeds, which resemble those of pepper, are used as spice in sausages.

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