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    Poke is an herb that we often find in our country. It is a small tree and reaches up to 1-3m height. The stems are smooth and its leaves reach 10-40 cm. The leaves are known as "the sweet spinach of Martinique." But all parts of the plant are more or less poisonous and it is good to avoid eating them. In America, the natives called it pokon and used it in two main ways. As an emetic and externally for skin diseases. For therapeutic purposes the root is used, which is collected in late autumn or spring. The herb contains saponins, alkaloids resins, tannin and formic acid. It is considered as a remedy for infections of the respiratory system because it stops the nose rheum. It is valuable for lymphatic problems and particularly for mastitis, which can be used internally or externally as a poultice. But, we must not forget that wants attention because if you take too much dosage it acts as a strong purgative and emetic. Externally as a lotion or ointment, it may help to relieve the skin from scabies and other parasites.

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