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    Sage belongs to the genus of magnoliophyta salvia plants. The sage is perennial, bushy plant with several branches of up to half a meter and is located in all regions of Greece, mainly in dry and rocky places. The leaves have antiseptic and expectorant properties. The plant has tonic and cardiotonic properties and is also used against neuralgia. Sage as concoction is used internally as antiperspirant (especially during the night sweat of tuberculous and neuropathic). Moreover, the sage is ideal for mouth injuries, strep and gingivitis.It is diuretic, hemostat, local skin anesthetic. It also has antibiotic , antifungal, antispasmodic and hypoglycemic action. In ancient times, it was used for snake and insect bites, to increase fertility in women and to expel evil spirits. In Mediterranean areas,the sage is dried and drunk as a concoction,is used in cooking to flavor various broths, food and vinegar while is considered as a beekeepers honey plant which provides fine quality honey. Its taste is quite spicy and fits with fatty meats and cheeses .

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