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    Spinach plant is grown mainly in Europe and North America and it comes from Asia. It is annual or biennial plant and is grown for its thick triangular leaves. The cold climate favors the growth of spinach. In Greece, the sowing happens from mid-August to February. Soil should be liquid, especially when spinach is small. If there are no rains, spinach needs a little watering. However, many of the cultivations are dry. There are several varieties of spinach. The most well known in Greece are the common spinach, the Princess Juliana, the short spinach and broad-leaved of Argos. Spinach is placed on the consumption as fresh, canned or frozen. Also, it can be maintained on freezers for a very long time. It can be eaten cooked, it can be made several pies (spinach pie) or eaten raw in salads. It is rich on iron, vitamins A, C, E and K, chlorophyll and iodine salts. Finally, spinach is suitable for good proper bowel function and anemia.

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