Greek herbs against toothache

Greek herbs against toothache

There are several Greek herbs that can reduce the symptoms of a toothache and manage to make the pain bearable at least until you visit a dentist. The Greek herbs that are more potent against toothache are: dittany of Crete or Cretan dittany and cloves.

The cloves are stimulating the blood circulation and the gastric function. The cloves are also considered natural digestives, aphrodisiac and antispasmodic.
In cases of toothache, the local use of the oil of cloves is indicated. Also the clove oil, significantly reduces toothache and is also a good digestive.

Cretan dittany is used for healing wounds, as a sedative in the digestive system and as a sedative in cases of the flu and colds. The Cretan dittany is known for its strong antiseptic action as well as a stimulant and antispasmodic. In general Cretan dittany helps the treatment of intense pains in the stomach, headaches and toothaches. In cases of toothache, the indicated use of Cretan dittany is as a beverage.

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