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Our company has been active in the wholesale of spices, herbs and oils since 1926.


With professionalism and consistency, we provide the best qualities of spices and herbs.

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Large variety of spices from all over the world!


Rich variety of cooking salts and blends.

Spicy Spices

Spicy spices in a wide variety.

Mixtures of Spices

Spice blends for meat, fish and many more.

Condiments - Aromatic Plants

Condiments and aromatic plants in a rich variety.


Pepper and pepper blends in a wide variety.


Ceylon cinnamon and cinnamon grated and whole in many dimensions.

Greek Spices

Spices of Greek origin and high quality.

Turkish Spices

Spices of Turkish cuisine.

Indian Spices

Spices of Indian cuisine.

Therapeutic Spices

Spices that stand out for their healing properties.


Herbs from all over the world in a wide variety

Herb capsules

Unique herb capsules for tea.

Greek Herbs

Unique Greek herbs from domestic productions.

Cooking Herbs

Cooking herbs of Mediterranean and European cuisine.

Therapeutic Herbs

Herbs useful for therapeutic purposes.

Cosmetic Herbs

Herbs ideal for cosmetic uses on faces, hair and body.

Aromatic Herbs

Aromatic Herbs that stand out for their intense aroma even after drying.

Concoctions - Infusions

Herbs that create tasty and therapeutic decoctions.


Tea in wide variety.


Herbal flowers for many different uses.


Herbal roots for decoction and therapeutic uses.


Variety of oils for cosmetic use and edible.

Essential Oils

Essential oils of herbs and spices in wide variety.

Vegetable Oils

Oils of vegetable origin in a wide variety.

Edible Oils

Edible oils for cooking, pastry, cosmetic and therapeutic uses.

Cosmetic Oils

Oils for cosmetic purposes and preparation of natural cosmetics.

Cosmetic Ingredients

Raw materials for natural cosmetics.

Essential Oils

Essential oils combine their beneficial ingredients with their wonderful aroma.

Oils - Butters

Oils and butters for cosmetics uses.

Oils - Bases

Base oils are ideal for the use of active ingredients and essential oils depending on skin needs.


Salts of cosmetic and therapeutic uses.


Herbs that nourish hair, body and skin.

Dried Fruit - Vegetables

Dried fruits and vegetables retain all their nutrients for longer.


Superfoods from all over the world, known for the abundance of beneficial ingredients and the energy that they offer.

Raw Materials - Chemicals

Raw materials useful from cooking and confectionery to soap making.


Resins useful in cooking, distillation and even herbal medicine.


All beverage materials, from resin and aromatic herbs, to spices.

Cold Meats

Ingredients and spices for quality Cold Meats.

Confectionery - Bakery

Ingredients, herbs and spices for pastry and bakery.

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Selected Spices and Herbs

Merkouroglou, quality spices and herbs since 1926.

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